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Original Location: 2601 Hunter Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666.  Tel. 512-938-1019

2nd Location: 500 River Road, Wimberley, TX 78676. Tel. 512-722-3456

San Marcos BBQ

Great BBQ Brings people together





Authentic, Family-oriented bbq

We consider every guest that comes to San Marcos BBQ as part of our family. You can be assured that anytime you walk through our doors, you will be greeted with a warm and welcoming smile while simultaneously being hit with that authentic BBQ aroma.



Serving the finest cuts of meat

We only serve the finest cuts of meats, making sure to always keep the quality of our savory food consistent for our guests. We make sure that every bite taken sends a feeling of euphoria to your taste buds, and each time you leave you will already be planning your next trip to come back and see us! 



Providing an atmosphere unlike anywhere else

Our location provides a wide open, very welcoming atmosphere. We hear all the time how it's a great place to sit back, relax, and eat some delicious BBQ. This isn't your typical BBQ joint - you instantly feel like a part of the family as soon as you walk through our doors.


our story


Need someone to cater or provide a large order for your wedding, business conference, or any other get together? We've got you covered! Give us a phone call at 512-938-1019


If you know you're going to need to place a big order, please try to give us a heads up and call in your order two weeks in advance so we can prepare for it and make sure you receive food that expresses the quality, deliciousness, and freshness San Marcos BBQ strives to provide.


Need it delivered and/or serviced? No problem! We deliver for large catering orders as long as you meet the distance requirements, and we can service the entire event for a 10% fee. Call us to learn more! 512-938-1019


Have any questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the catering form page to see if you can immediately get your questions answered. If your question isn't there then feel free to give us a call and we'll help you in any way we can!


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Bartending service

& event staffing

We offer professional bartending services and event staffing! Each staff member is a TABC certified, experienced bartender, and the entire event will be completely insured. We provide everything that will be needed and more depending on the package you choose to go with! To learn more, click the link below where it will take you to a page that goes over the complete details and packages.

Bartending Service

BBQ perfection takes time

When it comes to perfecting each meat in our BBQ process, it's not just about the seasoning like what most other BBQ joints emphasize. It's about the experienced hands that prepare it. It's about the specialized post oak wood we've chosen from a local dealer to give the meat that authentic taste our customers have come to know and love. It's about the original, hand-fed BBQ pits we own that you won't find anywhere else. And lastly, it's about the countless hours spent on each and every cut of meat to give them that BBQ perfection that has allowed San Marcos BBQ to grow into the company we are today. 

BBQ Perfection

"This is some of the Best BBQ I have ever eaten. The Food is great and the prices are good. The brisket, sausage, and rib plate is amazing - there's a perfect helping of each. The place is clean and very presentable and the staff is kind and helpful. I'll be back, that's for sure!! Oh, and they cater!!!"

— Ken Lerma

"I am very picky about barbecue, especially my Alabama barbecue. But this barbecue is some of the best I have ever had in my life. The workers there are all great people and family oriented... You will not be disappointed!"

— Reed Matte

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2 locations:

2601 Hunter road, san marcos, tx 78666

Monday: 11am-sold out

Sunday & Tues-Thurs: 11am-7pm / Fri-Sat: 11am-8pm

500 River Road, Wimberley, TX 78676

Mon-WED: Closed / ThURS-SAT: 11am-8pm / SUn: 11am-6pm

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